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From Holocaust to Revival Museum

 Beginning in 2005, permanent exhibits were established in the Holocaust division. The exhibits depict the Jewish world during the first half of the twentieth century. The exhibit allows the visitor to get to know Jewish life, in all its richness and diversity, as it was conducted for decades prior to the outbreak of World War II. The permanent exhibits place emphasis on the Jews of Warsaw, who constituted the largest and most important Jewish community in Europe, and on the Warsaw Ghetto, which was the largest ghetto in the territories occupied by the German Reich. The life story of Mordechai Anielewicz, a leader of Hashomer Hatzair in Warsaw and the kibbutz’s namesake, is a second thread along which we trace the magnificent Jewish population of Warsaw, until its annihilation.

The permanent exhibit has four parts:

Academic advisors for the exhibits: Prof. Israel Gutman (z”l), Prof. Matitiahu Mintz, Prof. Eli Tzur, Prof. Havi Dreifuss (Ben-Sasson).

Supervision and provision of testimonies: Simha Rotem (Kazik) (z”l), Arch. Bella Tal, Rachel Shai, Helina Ashkenazi, Chana Avrutzki, Ora Rotem, and Shlomo Shapira.

Curated by Bella Zeichik, Vered Bar Semech, and Tamar Herzberg.

Designed and executed by David Gafni – “Gafni Art and Design Ltd.” and “Studio Nitzan.”

Photographs by David Gary

Additional Exhibitions

לוגו מוזיאון יד מרדכי 'משואה לתקומה' המכון להוראת השואה - קיבוץ יד מרדכי

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