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Greetings from our CEO and Chairperson

“Eternal praise to the heroes of Israel who spilled their blood in the anguished streets of the Warsaw Ghetto and in the killing fields of Yad Mordechai. Your death commands us to live a life worthy of a generation of pioneers striking deep roots for the many-branched trees that no storm can uproot.”

Yad Mordechai, May 23, 1949

The “Yad Mordechai: From Holocaust to Revival” museum and the School of Holocaust Education grew organically out of the world of values and action of the members of Yad Mordechai, the founders of the kibbutz, who regarded commemoration itself as a fundamental part of the kibbutz’s community fabric and as an expression of the connection between the events of the Holocaust and the days of revival.


In many senses, it is a community museum that serves to link exhibits in the main building to the authentic exhibits located throughout the kibbutz – such as the statue of Mordechai Anielewicz and the recreation of the battlefield of 1948 – and to the kibbutz’s present of a multigenerational and diverse community life in the Gaza Envelope.  


As the museum’s staff and management, the main task we face is to continue recounting the history and teaching its lessons and its significance in a manner that will connect and be connected to new communities, and that will constitute a source of inspiration for the lives of all of us, here and now. In this undertaking, we have many partners, including, first and foremost, the Kibbutz Yad Mordechai community. We are grateful to our partners for their trust and support, which enable this important work to be carried out.  


We are all working together to shape a future generation that is involved, engaged in a pluralistic and bridging dialogue within Israeli society, works to strengthen Israel’s Jewish and Zionist roots, and strives to create a better society in Israel and the world.     


We invite you to visit the museum’s exhibits, to take part in the seminars and the workshops we offer, and to hold family, social, or business events on the lawn here on our kibbutz.



Nitai Keren, Museum Chairperson    

Yael Shtauber (Lt. Col., Reserves), CEO

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